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Academics at Phi Kappa Psi

"The first obligation of every New York Alphan is to attain the highest academic standard he can reach; the second obligation is to aid his fellow brother in doing the same."

-Brother and Professor G. Ernest Merritt (1885), Chairman, Cornell Physics Department and first Dean of the Cornell Graduate School

New York Alpha is here to enable your grades, pushing you to excel. Fraternities get a bad rap as "Animal Houses" of low effort. But our record speaks otherwise. Our house has produced a long line of PhDs, and has alumni on the faculty of Yale Law, Georgetown Law, Harvard University, and other fine institutions. We study... and we also roam. In addition to the bonds afforded us as a social fraternity, we are stewards of Cornell's oldest student-run organization, Irving Literary Society. From time to time, this society has admitted honorary brothers. For the latest on the society, see our Homecoming update.