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Well, we can’t tell you much, or they wouldn’t be "mysteries," would they? Suffice it to say, our house has a fully developed system of ritual philosophy which we honor, if often in the breach.  Fraternal mysteries were BIG on the Hill up until the First World War.  They are less emphasized in our day.  But they can provide a common narrative, a mystic cord of memory between generations of brothers.

Our mysteries are based on the concept of "sacred geometry," which also informs the workings of institutions such as Alpha Delt (the Gote House), Scabbard & Blade, Q&D, and the Sphinx Head Society. KA was informed by as much, but have lost their House and the sacred geometry built into its stones.

So we'll leave it at that and close with this thought: if you want your Cornell persona to draw on the full range of the Cornell experience, rush a fraternity that draws on that history, and the rituals it has produced, as we do at Phi Kappa Psi. Don’t just pay Cornell; be Cornell. 

Earn a tap into the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity, and you’ll never see the map of the university in the same light again.