neighbors Our Neighbors, Fraternally, and Geographically

New York Alpha of Phi Kappa Psi is all about the margins. The margins are where our alumni make cash on Wall Street; this is where our alumni defend the republic at home and abroad; this where our alumni practice, manage, design, teach, publish, and achieve national reform -- the margins.

We are a Midwestern fraternity in the Ivies; university-owned, but managed like a private house; serious about our studies but quick to Collegetown and our favorite haunts across upstate New York. Safe folks can sit in the middle and go live in an apartment or dorm. Fraternities are for those who 'live and learn' at the margins.

Yes, we were founded in Pennsylvania, but that can be deceiving. We were founded in Western Pennsylvania, so our fraternal heart has always reflected a Midwestern sense. Following the Second World War, however, we went into decades of decline on this side of the Ohio and Susquehanna rivers. For many years it was just ourselves and New York Beta at Syracuse University, holding this remote fraternal frontier. But our National did defend the frontier, responded in due course, and the efforts have seen Upstate New York slowly return to the hunter green and cardinal red. Both New York Eta (SUNY Buffalo) and New York Theta (Rochester Institute of Technology) were recent colonization efforts supported by New York Alpha. Our National further strengthened the Upstate band of brothers by planting the flag for a New York Iota (SUNY Binghamton) and a New York Kappa (SUNY Oneonta).