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Phi Kappa Psi is also mindful that we are residents of the City of Ithaca. When Cornell opened, students were not universally provided for -- you were on your with respect to housing, for the most part. Some or our first brothers built log cabins above Beebe Lake, on a knoll above the current freshman walk down from North Campus.

We resided on Aurora and State Streets in the 1860s and 1870s; and in Collegetown until 1895. We are proud to be neighbors of Ithaca's University Hill Historic District, just west of Cornell's West Campus. Our borderland patch between the City of Ithaca and the University was once Ezra Cornell's farm. And we have cousins here, too. A close eye is kept on our neighbor and "evil twin," Psi Upsilon, which was founded by renegade brothers of New York Alpha in 1876. Phi Kappa Psi's "good twin" is Phi Delta Theta, which was founded with us at Jefferson College in western Pennsylvania. Phi Psi and and Phi Delt are known in national fraternity circles as "the Jeff Duo."

Outside of upstate New York and the Midwest, we have historic ties to Pennsylvania Gamma at Bucknell, and their great Phi Psi 500 tradition. After Dartmouth closed its Phi Psi chapter, the Syracuse-Cornell-Bucknell road trip circuit was the irreducible core in the Northeast. Our Ivy family is limited to Rhode Island Alpha at Brown University and Pennsylvania Iota at the University of Pennsylvania.

When they were active, New Hampshire Alpha at Dartmouth road tripped to Ithaca twice a year; we occasionally dropped in on New York Gamma at Columbia University, where there is a memorial to our brother Carl Christian Schurz '69. Further a field, Virginia Delta at Bethany College, granted our initial charter in 1868. Pennsylvania Epsilon, at Gettysburg College, was Phi Kappa Psi's last Grand Chapter and granted our second charter in 1885, after we "busted out" in 1877. We would also be remiss if we left out Ohio Alpha at Ohio Weslyen University, mother Chapter to our three founders: Jack Rea, Morris Buchwalter, and Joe Foraker, all of Cornell's first class in 1869.

There are number of inactive New York Chapters, taken down for the most part during the post-World War decline in northeastern fraternities. Contact us if you are matriculated at one of these brother institutions. We can connect you with our alumni and the National if you are interested in restoring the Phi Psi colours:

New York Gamma - Columbia University;
New York Delta - Hobart College;
see also Hobart & William Smith Colleges
New York Epsilon - Colgate University; and
New York Zeta - Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute.

The loss of New York Epsilon hurt us hard; they were frequent guests at our home. To New York Delta we owe our refounding in 1885. Chapters bust out from time to time, but we here at Cornell have not dropped our guard since 1885.

And finally, we still grieve the losses of Massachusetts Alpha, and New Hampshire Alpha in the last century. Intellectually, these were excellent schools and a presence on their campus reinforced our own position here at Cornell. The current move to suppress like-minded blood brothers at Amherst is a reminder that there are still those -- even in liberal society -- who would strip Americans of the freedom of association if they were permitted power to do so.