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The New York Alpha Phi Kappa Psi Association is the designated group sponsor for the New York Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi at Cornell, priority group for the university-owned small residence at 525 Stewart Avenue. The instrument defining Phi Kappa Psi’s possession of the chapter house is the Cornell University Residence Program of 1966 (CURP ’66), which seeks to improve the general social and community welfare of the Cornell community through service to others. A safe and nurturing Cornell life our highest priority for our youngest brothers and their guests. The administrator for CURP ’66 is Associate Dean for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs Travis Apgar.

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President and Chairman of the Board
Chet Osadchey ’88

Member of the board
Connor Ostrander ’19, G.P.

Faculty Advisor
Jan H. Katz
School of Hotel Administration

Chapter Adviser, Ex Offico
John C. “Jack” Jacobs ’90

Residential Adviser, Group House IV
Jack Pollack ’16

Vice Chairman
Jason H. Arnold ’90

Director, Communications
Daniel P. Meyer ’87

Director, Finance
William C. Schneider ’87

Director, Capital Projects
Donald S. Kennedy ’55

Director, Infrastructure
Kevin M. Smith ’87

Director, Dining
John Klein ’87

Director, Nominations
Tom Alexander ’13

Director, Education
Sean M. Bolks ’90

Director, Pro Bono Publico
Craig S. Miles ’91

Director, Community Welfare
Steve Miller ’07

Director, Social
Adam Starry ’89

Director, Stewardship
Jordan Banninga ’09